Welcome to the Bullmastiff Club Of South Australia.  First established in 1988 as a social club for Bullmastiff owners, it became officially affiliated and known as the Bullmastiff Club Of South Australia Inc. in 1995.  Whilst the BMCSA holds annual championship and open shows, we are not solely a club for Bullmastiff owners and breeders who compete in conformation shows. We encourage all new members, no matter which discipline they are involved in; conformation, obedience, agility, flyball, dancing with dogs, or even if they aren't involved in a specific discipline at all, and are just owners or lovers of our beautiful breed.

Please feel free to browse our website. If you wish to contact anyone in regards to anything you are more than welcome and we will do our utmost to help.  All members are encouraged to contribute in any way they wish, and be either active participants in the club on a competitive or purely social level, or just receive and enjoy our club magazine.


We strive to educate and encourage members, breeders, exhibitors, judges, and fanciers of the Bullmastiff breed; to promote public interest in the Bullmastiff; to promote good fellowship amongst those interested in the Bullmastiff; and to encourage the improvement of the breed by encouraging ethical and responsible behaviour by all. The club sometimes requires homes for Bullmastiffs that have been rescued so please check here if you are interested in providing a forever home for a Bullmastiff in need.


The Bullmastiff Club Of South Australia often holds fun days or specific events, such as beach walks, barbecues, breed stalls, etc.  Please check our upcoming events page for more information, and all interested parties are very welcome to attend.